Our family estate is situated in CHAVOT COURCOURT, a tiny wine-growing village situated near EPERNAY.

For many years, we have been involved in sustainable viticulture in our efforts to substantially reduce our use of plant-protection products, practice biological pest management and recycle pruned vine shoots (allowing us to use less herbicides).

Our vineyards are spread over 6.90 ha, on the terroirs of CHAVOT COURCOURT (on the southern slopes of EPERNAY), VERNEUIL, VINCELLES and CHAVENAY (the Marne Valley). This layout enables us to work with the three champagne grape varieties :
- Pinot noir, which brings complexity and vinosity
- Pinot Meunier, which brings freshness and smoothness
- Chardonnay, the only white grape, which is highly demanded for its elegance and delicacy.
The grapes are harvested by hand and carefully transported to the press room where they are pressed immediately in accordance with traditional methods. We closely monitor this stage of the process to guarantee highly qualitative must. Within a few days, the precious juice is transformed into a young wine..

During bottling, this year’s wines are blended with older reserve wines (40 to 50%) to ensure the cuvee retains its consistent quality. We put all our expertise and passion into our winemaking.

Then the bottles are sealed and stored in our still, dark cellars where the wine is slowly transformed into sparkling wine during the second fermentation. After riddling, which aims at collecting the sediments generated during the aging process in the neck of the bottle, the wine is disgorged to expel those sediments from the bottle.

Finally, the bottles are corked one last time with natural cork and the wine continues to age for a few months before it’s ready to be sold.

Our range of champagnes includes the following cuvees:

  • Brut tradition, is very versatile and the ideal companion for an aperitif
  • Brut Réserve, (cellared for 4 to 5 years), a fruity champagne that can be enjoyed any time
  • Brut Blanc de blancs, perfect as an aperitif, but can also be paired with seafood or fish starters
  • Rosé de Saigné, is truly enjoyable as an aperitif, but also combines beautifully with sweet and sour dishes, white meats, chocolate desserts and sorbets.
  • Demi-sec, can be paired with sweet and sour dishes and desserts
  • Blanc de Noirs(100 % pinot noir) is the perfect companion for a meal served after a hunting party or Sunday lunch in the countryside alongside characterful dishes: cold meats, game, poultry, mushrooms
  • Millésime 2014 can be enjoyed anytime and is perfect paired with fish and seafood

Champagne is the ultimate aperitif wine, but did you know that it also complements most dishes? It should be served chilled but not too cold, between 6 and 8°C. Champagne is a very fragile wine and can be impaired by daylight, so be sure to always protect it from sunlight.


CHAMPAGNE LEQUIEN & FILS - 1 rue d'Ilbesheim - 51530 CHAVOT COURCOURT - France
Téléphone 06 85 43 77 06
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